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Knowing where a blister is going to occur before an event can be challenging; especially if you don’t usually get blisters or are competing in a longer-distance event than you’re used to. We agree that it may be difficult to know just where to apply a blister patch without experiencing the tell-tale warning indicators of imminent danger – redness and pain.

Once a blister has formed on your foot, ENGO Patches effectively prevent continued rubbing between your shoe and skin from causing further pain and irritation. How is that possible, you might be thinking? ENGO Blister Relief Patches are manufactured with an ultra low-friction material called PTFE (comparable to Teflon® used in cooking pans), which allows your skin to glide smoothly against your sock and shoe without creating friction. And, because they don’t apply to your skin, ENGO Patches provide weeks of continuous blister protection.

As indicated in the picture below (left), repetitive rubbing during a long-distance event created a large blister on the heel of this individual’s foot.

By simply covering the blister with a skin dressing or tape, the shoe will continue to rub against her foot, causing continued pain and skin trauma. However, if this individual would have applied an ENGO Patch to the troublesome spot on the back of her shoe (as illustrate in the above, right picture), she could have continued her activity without further pain and skin tissue trauma (blistering and callusing).

ENGO Patches are offered in a variety of shape/size options for patching troublesome spots in footwear, including small & large ovals, rectangles and heel patches. An important point to note is that ENGO Patches are not a substitute for proper treatment of open wounds. If you have an open blister, be sure to properly clean and cover the wound before resuming your activity.

At the first sign of foot discomfort, apply an ENGO Patch to troublesome spots on your footwear to experience immediate blister pain relief.

ENGO Patches are available online at and through specialty retail and internet stores across the USA and Great Britain (link to ENGO Store Locator). For more information about ENGO Patches, visit

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