Instructional Course Presented at the 2010 ISPO World Congress in Leipzig, Germany - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Charles Kuffel, CPO, FAAOP and I recently had the honor and privilege of presenting a 3 lecture instructional course at the 13th ISPO World Congress and ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK 2010 in Leipzig Germany. Our course was titled “Friction Management for Neuropathic Foot Problems”. 21,200 visitors from 108 countries visited the fair and the ISPO World Congress. It was incredible for us to be two of the 2,600 participants from all over the world and helping to make this a successful ISPO Congress. Charlie’s “Clinical Aspects” lecture was very well received and I overheard many compliments, one being “this was the best clinical presentation I have ever seen”! Congratulations Charlie!

The final press release for the entire event can be found at:

Our course included the following lectures; “Friction reduction to Offload Shear Forces from Neuropathic Feet”, “Clinical Considerations and Decisions for Protecting the Neuropathic Foot”, and “Technical Aspects of Friction Management”. These lectures will be available soon on our website as part of an E-Learning program we are developing.

It was also very rewarding and fun for me to reconnect with colleagues Walter Tuni and Hortensia Mallya who I met and worked with when Tamarack provided a seating workshop at TATCOT in Tanzania in 2008.

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