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Limb Loss Resource GuideRecently published by Amplitude Media Group, the Limb Loss Resource Guide,  is a new publication focused on helping individuals prepare for, adapt to, and live a fulfilling life after limb loss.

The ever-expanding availability of content on the internet makes it easy for individuals to search for answers to common questions related to amputation, limb care,  support groups, and numerous other amputee-related topics. However, what makes the Limb Loss Resource Guide stand out is the well-organized layout, quality and accuracy of information presented, and convenient access to a comprehensive amputee resource guide.

The 136 page full-color Limb Loss Resource Guide is conveniently divided into four sections, featuring 26 articles, a glossary of medical terms, and a wealth of internet resources for amputees. The book  also features  quotes and stories by amputees throughout; adding an element of human emotion and camaraderie to each topic. Click here for a preview of the Limb Loss Resource Guide.

The Adapting to Limb Loss section highlights the importance of postoperative care, details the physical and emotional rehabilitation needs of recent amputees, and introduces a number of important terms and considerations related to the functional use of a prosthesis and other assistive devices as a new amputee.

The Limb Loss Resource Guide concludes with a thorough list of internet-based resources for amputees, including support groups, sports & activities-based organizations and other valuable educational information.

The Limb Loss Resource Guide is available for purchase online at for $8.50 per copy. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple copies (by increments of 25).

We highly recommend this book as a resource for amputee support groups, amputee camps/clinics, and medical offices. The Limb Loss Resource Guide makes a great waiting room resource for amputees and their families visiting their prosthetist, therapist, or another member of your healthcare team.

We hope you find this review to be helpful in your search for information about adapting to life as an amputee. If you decide to purchase a copy of the Limb Loss Resource Guide, please visit this page again to share your feedback with our readers.

Disclosure: Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. (publisher of the Tamarack Wellness Newswire) is a paid advertiser in the Limb Loss Resource Guide (2014). We receive no payment for the sale of the Limb Loss Resource Guide and assume no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of  information presented within the publication.

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