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Athletes seem to have a love / hate relationship with moleskin.  Some swear by it, while others recognize its faults, choosing to patch blisters with thinner materials that adhere and conform better to the skin.  Regardless of which side you take, I’d argue that people should stick to what works for them.  

I regularly read the Fixing Your Feet blog, a review of products that help prevent & treat common foot problems, hosted by John Vonhof, EMT-P and author of Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes.  John has drained, patched and prevented foot blisters and other ailments at races across the world, including the ultimate – Badwater Ultramarathon.  Having read his Fixing Your Feet book and blog posts for years, I’ve developed great respect for John’s foot care remedies.  He’s patched thousands of blisters, trying every product and technique known. 

Check out John’ s recent post, detailing the disadvantages of Moleskin: Moleskin Galore

Whether you’re a professional athlete, healthcare professional or ordinary Joe or Jane, I highly recommend subscribing to the Fixing Your Feet blog –

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