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The other day I ran across John Vonhof’s latest Fixing Your Feet Blog post, titled: Don’t Do This to Your Feet! Once you see the terrible heel blister picture, you’ll understand what was going through my mind while reading Vonhof’s post. How could anyone stay on their feet despite the warning signs of such a massive foot blister?

Ultrarunners, such as the lady whose foot is featured in Vonhof’s post, are known to develop some of the most tear-jerking foot blisters – caused especially by the demanding level of prolonged activity and extreme weather conditions. Since blisters are caused by a combination of heat, moisture and friction, it’s no wonder why blisters are such an unfortunately popular incident. But regardless of the activity at hand – whether a road race, dance competition or corporate trade show, it’s extremely important to pay attention to your feet. This is especially crucial for diabetics, who all-too-often lose sensation in their feet over time (a condition called peripheral neuropathy) and may not feel the warning sign that the body is giving off.

With summer in full swing, there are road races, trail hikes and team sporting events everywhere. As temperatures reach or exceed 90 degrees, your footwear heats up and the skin becomes especially prone to blistering. Be proactive about your health by packing a foot care kit for your next adventure. Tamarack offers a $14 Blister Relief Kit that includes a multitude of blister prevention and treatment products. ZombieRunner, the Ultrarunner’s Online Superstore, offers a more complete Deluxe Foot Kit on their website. Both kits feature Tamarack’s unique anti-blister solution: ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches. For more information about foot blister prevention, visit

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