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The other day, our friend Marshall Ulrich, wrote an article on his Dreams in Action Blog, titled: Foot Health for Runners. As an ultrarunner, speaker, coach and guide, Marshall has significant practical experience dealing with running and hiking-related injuries. We hope his advice is useful for you, a friend or colleague.

Runners regularly ask me about plantar fasciitis in the arch and heel, Achilles pain, cramping, and heat, wondering if there’s a relationship and what a person can do to safeguard against injury. Yes, there’s a relationship, and yes, there are few things you can do to prevent these common runners’ ailments—all of which I’ve experienced and successfully healed (more or less) at one time or another. A couple of years ago, I dealt with all three at once.

Usually, symptoms of foot pain are caused by overused and tight ligaments and muscles that reach up into the lower portion of the leg, so stretching your calf muscles often helps. The connecting tissue and muscle in the calf area affects the plantar region, as well as the Achilles tendon of your foot, so concentrate on stretching those muscles in the lower leg.

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