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We posted earlier about Haglund’s deformity. Since then, we have been getting steady traffic from people looking for ways to treat “pump bumps” or “bauer bumps” without surgery. We have two products that reduce pain and inflammation associated with rubbing from footwear: ENGO® (our consumer product) or ShearBan® (our professional product).

ShearBan and ENGO are patches that apply to footwear. They are made of a special, patented material that reduces shear forces – i.e., the force that causes blisters, calluses, and Haglund’s deformity. ShearBan and ENGO are easy for you to apply to your shoes and last for weeks and even months in some cases.

However, we aren’t your doctor. Consult with your doctor. Ask them about ShearBan or ENGO.

John Lampe, President, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

2 Comments on “Pump Bump, Bauer Bump (Haglund’s Deformity) – Alternatives to Surgery

  1. Jimmy

    I’ve been playing hockey for almost twelve years and i have a large bauer bump on my right heel and a small one on my left heel. The one on the right is agonizing. I never had these until less than a year ago i got a pair of Bauer X40s. To semi-solve the problem i use a doughnut shaped pad that sticks to my heal, and then i put pre-wrap over it and tape my ankle very firmly. it works if i tape it up right, but i still feel pain sometimes. i really hope these things work. i dont want to get surgery because i do not have time, i play sports year round

    1. TamarackHTI

      Thank you for sharing your comments, Jimmy! The Bauer bump has been troublesome for lots of people we’ve spoken with. If you try our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches (http://www.goengo.com), I recommend applying a little heat to the patch using a hair dryer from a foot or so away for 15-20 seconds to help soften the adhesive to secure better to the boot liner. It’s not required, but will make the patch more durable.

      Please let us know how the product works for you: (e-mail) info@goengo.com


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