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While some people are fortunate enough to wander the earth without a concern in the world for blisters & calluses, most of us are not so lucky. In fact, competitive runners and team sports athletes are continually plagued by the nuisance of friction blisters. Diabetics continuously fight against peripheral neuropathy and the risk of blisters, calluses and diabetic foot ulcers that can result. New or Ill-fitting footwear and heat buildup from exercise all work together to form the perfect storm of a blister environment. This is where “friction management” comes into play.

In simple terms, friction is the resistance of two objects to slide against each other. As the friction component increases (due to mass or material composition), the level of stress acting against those objects increases as well. In reference to footwear, friction keeps us in control of our feet, but if not managed properly, can also cause painful rubbing & blisters.

Traditional treatment products range from moleskin to powders, creams and on-skin blister bandages. All these products provide short term relief at best, often leaving a nasty mess on your feet and inside footwear. And none actually fix the problem… which is actually the footwear, not your feet!

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has developed a series of low-friction products that guarantee relief from painful rubbing & blisters. Designed for application by healthcare professionals, ShearBan® low friction sheets are a quick fix for upper & lower extremity orthoses (“braces”) or diabetic footwear. Consumers can reach for ENGO® Patches, available from specialty retailers, sports medicine suppliers or direct from the manufacturer at Both products apply directly to footwear & equipment – not on skin, and provide multi-week protection from hot spots, blisters & calluses. For more information about friction management and the products outlined in this article, visit

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