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Yesterday I came across an inspiring story on Facebook on Ashley Kumlien, and her trans-continental run from San Francisco to New York. Ashley certainly isn’t the first American to attempt or complete a cross-country event of this magnitude, but her determination is inspiring nonetheless.

Nick Baldock completed the run in 132 days back in 1999 ( In 2005, John Wallace III completed his 3,800 mile journey. And in 2008, world-class ultra-distance runners Marshall Ulrich and Charlie Engle embarked on a fundraising journey from CA to NY. Ulrich completed the 3,000+ mile cross-country run in 52.5 days ( Others have also attempted and succeeded in their leg or petal-driven cross-country adventures. A thorough list of USA Crossings is available at

Running for a Purpose

Ashley Kumlien’s mission is to raise awareness and funds in support of a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. She is a part of a large family-supported fundraising group called “Team Jill” in honor her mother, Jill Kumlien, a 27 year MS survivor. For more information about Ashley’s progress, visit

Another inspiring cross-country run that’s about to begin is that of Steve Knowlton of Prior Lake, MN. In August, Steve will begin his unsupported cross-country fundraising adventure from Washington State to the southeast coast of Florida. After battling crohn’s disease for many years, Steve wants to support others in their fight against the disease. More information about Steve’s run is available at

If you’re interested in participating in, or supporting a cross-country fundraising event, there’s plenty of information on the web to get you going.

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