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Over the years, we’ve had quite a few customers inquire about the difference between Tamarack’s blue and beige-colored ShearBan® Sheets. We want to let everyone know that there aren’t any physical differences between the two products beyond the colors. So which option is right for you?

ShearBan® Sheets & Precut Oval Patches are available with a blue low friction top-layer. The blue color offers one distinct difference over its beige counterpart – the wear indicator. After applying ShearBan to footwear, an orthotic device or insole, the blue layer serves as an indicator of when its low-friction benefits are reduced. When you can see the white layer through the blue, it’s time to remove and replace the patch.

ShearBan® Sheets are also available with a beige (“neutral” or “white”) top layer; as are ShearBan Cosmetic and Rivet Cover Patches. Beige is our most popular ShearBan color thanks to the neutral color that blends in well with the footwear, orthotic or insole material. Although ShearBan is rarely visible to others (since it applies INSIDE the footwear), some people prefer neutral colors. If this is the case, beige ShearBan is right for you.

And that’s it. ShearBan® is available in two colors, and both provide long-lasting protection from friction & shear forces. If you have any questions about ShearBan, please ask us – we’re happy to help!

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