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Paul Davis from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA writes (5/26/2015),

We have lived in a rural setting for 25 years.  We supplement our heat with a high efficiency wood burner.  Several times each year dead trees are felled to be cut into the appropriate size for splitting and firebox fit.  I am an AE amputee with a shoulder fusion and wear a body powered prosthesis with a figure eight harness and number 7 terminal device.

I am the sole operator of our two chainsaws.  Historically, after several hours of chainsaw work, I had developed an open and large surface wound/blister above my right clavicle.  With limited sensation from a brachial plexus injury, the significant abrasion goes unnoticed until I disrobe.

I was provided with a product called Shearban several weeks ago after my latest injury removing 2 of 10 trees had mostly healed.  We placed the Shearban on the strap responsible for abrasion and after felling, removing the limbs, and sectioning 4 more trees, I am pleased to report no indication of enhanced or new abrasion.  An appreciated innovation!  Thank you.

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