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We recently ran across a great technician tip for securing Tamarack Molding Dummies to a plaster cast without using tacks, featured on orthotictechnicians.com.  Check it out!

A simple way to set up tamarack joints.

Have any of you been frustrated setting tamarack blanks or have had problems removing the blanks post-drape? I have been using a method that has saved me both time and frustration.

– insert modified cast in vac jig and secure in place.
– mark your articulation line at the ankle
– transfer the mark to the opposite side using a set square
– if a stop is required, the set square can be used to mark its placement as well
– get some crazy glue (or equivalent), preferably the thick gap filling variety.
– get some crazy glue catalyst spray or “zip kicker”
– place a drop of glue on each of the contact points of the blank and press the blank on the desired location (on the bare cast-no socks yet), hold in place with finger and spray the blank with the catalyst. let go when set.
– repeat on the other side.
– once blanks are set, fill in with clay or plumbers putty any large gaps.
– pull two socks over the mold and seal off at the vacuum pipe.
– If a stop is desired, use a spray glue (3M Spray 77) to fasten the stop to the posterior (eg. Elite stop) If using OttoBock Snap stop (recommended) just nail on blank.
– drape desired plastic

When you cut the plastic off the cast, simply pull the shell off (no joint blank nails ) and pull out the two vacuum socks. The Tamarack blanks will pop out effortlessly! Blanks can be reused over and over (just break off dried glue)

Give it a try…

Please be advised that Tamarack does not advocate wrapping stockinette over the Tamarack Molding Dummies.   Doing so will alter the intimate fit of the Tamarack Flexure Joints when installed in the device.  Instead, consider adhering the Tamarack Molding Dummies over the stockinette to ensure optimal joint fit and device performance.

Special thanks to M. Mahler, CTO for sharing this great fabrication tip!

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