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An article I recently read in Lower Extremity Review, entitled Diabetes: Improving foot care compliance1 discusses the challenge practitioners’ face in keeping foot care top-of-mind with their patients. The Total Contact Cast (TCC) is the “gold standard” for healing diabetic foot ulcers.  However, very few practitioners prescribe them.  Moreover, patients are resistant to using the […]

Recently published research out of Japan highlights the potential risk that calluses pose to people with diabetic neuropathy. A group at the University of Tokyo looked at signs of inflammation under calluses on diabetic and non-diabetic feet (Nishide et al. 2009). The Tokyo group used ultrasonographic and thermographic imaging techniques to find evidence of traumatized […]

Athlete’s foot and cracked heels lead to cellulitis? This can happen more often than you think. An article in the online version of the British Daily Mail recounts how Chris Banting noticed a scarlet streak on his left calf. He felt no pain or discomfort. He had it checked out, and the doctor determined it […]