Use ENGO® or ShearBan® to Prevent a Callus or Blister from Leading to Cellulitis - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Athlete’s foot and cracked heels lead to cellulitis? This can happen more often than you think. An article in the online version of the British Daily Mail recounts how Chris Banting noticed a scarlet streak on his left calf. He felt no pain or discomfort. He had it checked out, and the doctor determined it was cellulitis. Chris was healthy other than the athlete’s foot. One-third of people who have had cellulitis have it again in three years because it compromises your ability to fight infections.


Calluses are particularly vulnerable to cracking. Blisters can also lead to cellulitis. Feet are just not clean. ShearBan® or ENGO® should be used to manage blisters and calluses to prevent them from causing open wounds that can become infected.

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