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The other day, our friend Marshall Ulrich, wrote an article on his Dreams in Action Blog, titled: Foot Health for Runners. As an ultrarunner, speaker, coach and guide, Marshall has significant practical experience dealing with running and hiking-related injuries. We hope his advice is useful for you, a friend or colleague. Runners regularly ask me […]

People with rheumatoid arthritis may experience increased mediolateral shear stresses on their feet than controls. This results in increased pain. That is the conclusion of another study on plantar shear forces conducted by Metin Yavuz of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and researchers from the Cleveland Clinic: “Plantar Shear Stress Distribution in Patients with […]

Women’s high heel footwear has received a lot of attention in the media lately. Foot and ankle specialists have talked themselves blue in the face about the damaging effect that high heel footwear can have on the feet, knees and backs of fashionable women. But what’s the harm? Regardless of what anybody says, fashionable shoes […]