Tamarack Begins Company Wellness Program - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

At today’s staff meeting, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies kicked off its new company wellness program. Although there are many effective ways to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, we would like to share our company wellness program with you. Take our approach – or create your own – and spread it throughout your companies and households. Have fun with your wellness program and consider offering employees an incentive to participate.

Healthy Hydration Challenge

Tamarack employees are encouraged to make a conscious effort to drink more water each day. Employees received a calendar to track water consumption, with the goal of drinking 64 ounces of water per day. Employees who participate in the Healthy Hydration Challenge will be entered in a gift card drawing.

Walking Meetings & Breaks

Instead of sitting behind a desk or in a conference room, employees are encouraged to take a short walk during meetings and breaks. Walking is relaxing and improves cardiovascular health.

Food Label Awareness

Have you ever looked at the labels on the food you eat? If so, do you know what to look for – and, what to avoid? Tamarack will begin teaching employees how to read food labels in an effort to help everyone choose healthier options. Eating right is easy when you have the know-how to select the right food options.

Health Screening

Understanding your health (and health risks) is an important step toward living a longer, healthier life. Preventive measures go a long way toward your long-term health. Health insurance providers offer a variety of preventive health screenings, which are often available at no extra charge. Encourage colleagues, family and friends to take control of their health and schedule regular health screenings.

Education and encouragement are crucial elements of a good wellness plan. If you have additional ideas for implementing a company or personal wellness plan, please comment on our blog post.

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