Tamarack Brings Shear Offloading Technology to Members of the American Physical Therapy Association - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

On Saturday April 17th, 2010, two representatives from Tamarack Habilitation Technologies will display a few of Tamarack’s newest products to the Minnesota Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (MN APTA). While Tamarack’s primary product line focuses on the orthotic/prosthetic and pedorthic industry, a growing number of physical therapists in the USA are seeing patients with skin integrity issues. Tamarack aims to serve a wider market of healthcare providers, including physical therapists, podiatrists and diabetes educators with the new line of shear offloading products.

Tamarack’s latest addition to its ShearBan® product line, ShearBan® Ovals target the diabetic foot care market with an effective, easy to use low friction patch. By offloading damaging friction & shear forces on the plantar aspect of a diabetic foot, ShearBan® aides in the protection of healthy skin tissue and helps heal existing skin tissue faster.

New for spring 2010, Tamarack’s GlideWear Seating Interface is a welcome addition to traditional pressure offloading devices. While GlideWear is neither a wheelchair cushion nor a cover, it serves the purpose of offloading damaging shear forces underneath a wheelchair users bony prominences. The lightweight, breathable, dual-layer GlideWear interface applies directly over an existing wheelchair cushion & cover, providing a margin-of-safety from shear trauma. GlideWear will be available in early May 2010 through durable medical equipment dealers across the 5-state region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

Lastly, check out our new GlideFree Strip Kits for Transfer Boards. While market testing our GlideWear product last fall, Tamarack’s Research & Development Manager, Mark Payette, CO, heard from wheelchair users and physical therapy professionals that skin integrity is sometimes compromised during transfers between seating surfaces. Tamarack recently launched GlideFree Strip Kits to resolve this issue. Simply apply the thin, low-friction GlideFree Strips to any wood or plastic transfer board to create a smooth, non-tacky surface for wet or dry transfers. GlideFree provides long-lasting protection against damaging friction and shear forces that occur during transfers.

For more information about Tamarack’s latest shear offloading products, including all the above mentioned products and more, visit www.tamarackhti.com.

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