Tamarack Flexure Joint Hardware - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

If you’ve ever needed shorter or longer screws to properly secure Tamarack Flexure Joints to a thermoplastic or carbon fiber brace, and the hardware supplied in the pack wasn’t the correct length for your needs, we’ve got you covered.

On page 20 of the new Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Guide (2nd edition – August 2011), you’ll find a great selection of button head and truss head screws and brass flange nuts that are compatible with Tamarack Flexure Joint products. Depending on the thickness of your joint cavity, a variety of screw and flange nut sizes will ensure that the joint is firmly secured to the brace.

Click the following link to view or download a copy of the Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Guide

If you prefer to receive this helpful fabrication resource in print, Email Us with your mailing address and we’ll gladly send you a copy.

Tamarack Flexure Joints and hardware are available from Becker Orthopedic (Troy, MI) and other O&P product suppliers, worldwide.

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