Tamarack Launches GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

GlideWear® Forefoot Shear Protection Socks feature a patented, dual layer low friction zone that provides targeted shear reduction across the forefoot to prevent and relieve abrasion, friction, and shear-related skin breakdown. Unlike traditional dual layer socks, which can cause a loss of stability while walking with and without footwear, GlideWear is strategically positioned around the forefoot to maximize stability and comfort for the user.

In developing the GlideWear® Forefoot Sock, Tamarack partnered with Knit-Rite, Inc. (Kansas City, KS USA) to incorporate their SmartKnit® Seamless Sock Technology into the GlideWear design; resulting in a product that offers maximum comfort and performance for people at-risk for developing skin breakdown on their feet.

GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks provide immediate relief and lasting protection against:

  • Metatarsal plantar surface ulcers
  • Hallux callusing and blisters
  • Toe blisters

Available in full forefoot and partial foot (transmetatarsal amputee) models; both crew length and featuring white SmartKnit Socks.

For more information about GlideWear® Forefoot Shear Protection Socks, visit www.glidewear.com.

Healthcare professionals and dealers: contact us about ordering GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks for your facility or showroom.

4 Comments on “Tamarack Launches GlideWear Forefoot Shear Protection Socks

  1. Teresa Simons

    Can you please email me more information about you glidewear socks and the prices. I work with a DPM who is interested in this.

  2. Whitney B

    Hello! I’m trying to find these online to buy but they seem to be out of stock in the shops I’ve found so far. Do you guys have any advice? I’m a toe amputee and this technology is really a game-changer for me, activity-wise.


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