Tamarack Spanner Wrench for Dorsiflexion Assist Tamarack Flexure Joint Installation - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

If you’re having trouble installing dorsiflexion assist (model 742) Tamarack Flexure Joints in the thermoformed joint cavities, consider ordering the inexpensive and invaluable Tamarack Spanner Wrench.

Developed for this very purpose, the Tamarack Spanner Wrench is designed to hold the brass flange nuts in place when installing or adjusting Tamarack Flexure Joints.






Tech Tips!

1) We recommend temporarily securing the Tamarack Spanner Wrench tool in a table vice to lend yourself a free hand to install the joint screws.

2) Be sure to use a “U-style” cutout notch for the dorsiflexion assist joints to provide enough clearance during ambulation and ALWAYS use the Tamarack Molding Dummies to create perfect-fitting joint cavities without compromising the fit and performance of the ankle joints.

To purchase, request part # T-740-3LM (large/medium) or T-740-3P (pediatric) from your preferred orthotic-prosthetic component supplier.     

For more information about Tamarack Flexure Joint cavity  fabrication and installation for lower and upper extremity bracing, check out our comprehensive Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Guide.

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