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Have you ever considered running an Ultramarathon? Unlike the increasingly popular marathon-distance race, ultras demand a different sort of mental and physical discipline and training. Many ultramarathons exceed distances of 100 miles through varying terrain from hot, flat deserts to cold, hilly mountains.

Considered a “rite of passage” amongst ultra distance runners, the Badwater Ultramarathon kicks off in Death Valley, California each summer with over 80 of the worlds best distance runners; ending 135 grueling miles later in Mt. Whitney, California. Along the way, runners battle heat, exhaustion, dehydration, and hunger along with a host of other physical and mental challenges as they approach the finish line. Finishing the event is anything but easy.

We congratulate everyone who participated in the 24th annual Badwater Ultramarathon! Of particular noteworthiness, congratulations to Mr. Zach Gingerich of Aurora, Illinois, on taking first place with a 24 hour and 44 minute completion time. We also congratulate Marshall Ulrich of Idaho Springs, Colorado, on his 16th Badwater completion.

If you’ve competed in an ultra distance race, we’d like to hear about your biggest physical or emotional challenge.

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