Using ShearBan to Prevent Toe Curling by Patients Who Wear AFOs - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Certified orthotist and prosthetist, Brent Wright, recently started his Lifenabled Blog to share practical tips and techniques for improving O&P device fabrication to obtain better patient outcomes. He’s excited to share fabrication tips/tricks, product reviews and patient outcomes with you, so be sure to subscribe to his blog!

Yesterday, Brent shared his solution for patients who tend to curl their toes while wearing an AFO. He found that by applying a small piece of low-friction ShearBan material to the foot pad, the patient could no longer keep their toes curled.

>>Continue reading Solution for toe curlers on the Lifenabled Blog.

Special thanks to Brent Wright for sharing his creative toe-curling solution using ShearBan. We invite you to share your creative ShearBan application story with us. Leave a comment on our blog or email info[at]

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