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Recently we introduced the new ShearBan® Product Guide – a step-by-step installation technique and resource booklet developed to improve the users’ experience with ShearBan®. The Guide is available in print format upon request and will soon be downloadable online at www.shearban.com.

The most frequent un-asked question regarding ShearBan technology would have to be “When should ShearBan® be used?”

As a professional orthotist, prosthetist or pedorthists, you already incorporate pressure management techniques in your treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, calluses and blisters. After fabricating a custom ankle foot orthoses or prescribing extra depth footwear, it’s common practice to spot heat & stretch footwear & orthopedic devices around bony prominences of the foot & ankle. We believe the best practice is to include friction management along with pressure management in these scenarios. Proactively offloading high friction & shear areas will increase your ability to provide maximum orthopedic support.

(Above photos show typical high friction & shear areas in footwear)

After learning more about ShearBan®, we hope you decide that incorporating friction offloading techniques in your foot care practice is an essential step in the fight against diabetic foot ulcers. For more information about ShearBan, including case studies and purchasing options, visit www.shearban.com.

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  1. Rick Woodland

    Could you please send a sample of the shearban for my inspection. Please contact me via email so I can give you the address.



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