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If you’re an amputee or a healthcare provider looking for ways for your clients to become more active, confident, and healthy, Marsha Therese Danzig’s Yoga for Amputees (Y4A) workshops and classes are worth looking into.

Marsha-DanzigAs a below-knee amputee, Marsha Therese’s workshops and classes address the unique wellness needs of amputees, including pain relief, body alignment, balance, and more.

Yoga for Amputees is currently supported by about a dozen instructors, serving North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Virginia and also offers a series of Yoga for Amputees Videos, available for purchase online with additional videos available through YouTube.

If you’re interested in becoming a Y4A instructor, the Yoga for Amputees training program is designed to help experienced Yoga instructors gain an understanding for the unique fitness & wellness needs of amputees.

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Disclaimer: Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. and the Tamarack Wellness Newswire Blog are not directly affiliated with Yoga for Amputees. The above post is for informational purposes only and we always recommend consulting with your prosthetist or physician before beginning any exercise program.

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