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Early in 2010 we featured a blog post, titled: Haglund’s Deformity, Bauer Bump, or Pump Bump – Non-Surgical Treatment. Today we’ll delve deeper into the subject of friction-induced skin trauma and offer a simple solution to end heel irritation for good. Hot spots, blisters, calluses and other forms of skin irritation are all-too-often misdiagnosed by […]

Here’s a story about how a simple blister prevention product helped Steve Sorrell of Fairfield, California overcome the challenge of a painful medical condition known as Haglund’s Deformity (aka “pump bump” or “Bauer Bump”) in his pursuit of a healthier, active lifestyle. “A year and a half ago, at age 44, I had reached an […]

We posted earlier about Haglund’s deformity. Since then, we have been getting steady traffic from people looking for ways to treat “pump bumps” or “bauer bumps” without surgery. We have two products that reduce pain and inflammation associated with rubbing from footwear: ENGO® (our consumer product) or ShearBan® (our professional product). ShearBan and ENGO are […]