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With all the blister care products available today, it can be daunting for consumers and healthcare professionals to navigate all the marketing literature and retail store shelves in search of a truly effective solution. From blister bandages to gel & foam patches and moleskin, the options for fixing blisters are seemingly endless. When Tamarack Habilitation […]

The other day I ran across John Vonhof’s latest Fixing Your Feet Blog post, titled: Don’t Do This to Your Feet! Once you see the terrible heel blister picture, you’ll understand what was going through my mind while reading Vonhof’s post. How could anyone stay on their feet despite the warning signs of such a […]

We’d like to share a testimonial from a customer who purchased our new Blister Relief Kit and ENGO® Back-of-Heel Patches earlier this year. “So far I am pleased with ENGO Blister Patches. I am using 1 pair in hiking boots that were causing blisters no matter how many different sock combination tried. Now with the […]

Six years after introducing the consumer version of our ShearBan® product for friction & shear relief, the staff at Tamarack truly enjoys the customer contact and loyalty we’ve witnessed with ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches. All the phone calls, emails and letters we receive are encouraging signs that a small company can make a big impact […]

Doug Richie, Jr., DPM, FACFAS, FAAPSM, wrote an excellent article in the June, 2010 issue of Podiatry Today entitled: How to Manage Friction Blisters. The article provides an overview of friction blister pathomechanics, misconceptions about friction blisters, shoe fit, insoles, and socks, and blister treatment tips. The article also explains how shear forces contribute to […]

An article in the June 2010 issue of Runner’s World magazine, entitled “Surface Tension”, discusses strategies for preventing & treating blisters, chafing, black toenails and other “war wounds of running”. It’s a worthy read, with good advice by opinion leaders in the podiatry arena, including Dr’s. Stephen Pribut, D.P.M., Paul Langer, D.P.M. and Bruce Williams, […]

Here’s a new review of our ENGO Blister Patch product that I’d like to share with you. Sophie Easterbrook writes a blog called The Longest Dog Walk in Britain (JOGLE). The blog details her June 2009 backpacking trip that led Sophie and her dog over 1200 miles in about 3 moths. Very impressive! ENGO Patches […]